orangebird“Lucy Londoner is blessed with a special gift and passion for all living creatures.  Her compassionate care, attention to detail and simple love have enabled me to travel and not worry about my 4 legged family.  I am blessed with 4 cats including 3 who are what I would classify as special needs and 2 dogs who also have some special needs to include weekly shots for their allergies and a special diet.  All but one of my 4 leggeds require medications in addition to their special diet.  One of my dogs has always had issues when I went away until Lucy came into his life.  Two of my cats I have nicknamed the “Untouchables” while my friends joke that they really do not exist.  My best friend’s dog frequently joins the household when we travel together.  He is a cattle dog mix and requires a great deal of exercise.  None of this is a problem when Lucy is in the house.  All of the animals are calm! They get plenty of exercise and they all show up for meals and medications… Always following  Lucy’s direction.  Lucy sleeps over at my home which provides additional comfort for myself as well as my 4 leggeds.  She does it all!  I recommend if you are planning to take a trip or simply will be gone for the day you get on her schedule and entrust the care of your 4 leggeds to Lucy Londoner.  You will not be disappointed and your 4 leggeds will thank you.”  Melita M.


orangebird“I can confidently recommend Lucy as a wonderful pet sitter.  Her love of animals is evident, and my cats took to her immediately.  My older cat has health issues, and I feel comfortable knowing that Lucy has educated herself about his problem.  She always informs me of anything she thinks I need to know and stays in contact as requested.  All instructions are followed and there’s never a mess when we return.  The cats are happy to have someone paying attention to them-no more long lonely weekends.” Ronda S.


orangebird“From the calm and pleasant way my animals greet me when I return home, I know that Lucy has taken good, caring and consistent care of them.  The animals are happy, there are no inordinate messes around the house when I return home, and it seems like I never left!  She follows my instructions closely–even my wacky ones.  I highly recommend Lucy as a petsitter.  She is kind, sensitive, and soothing to the animals, and she is just the kind of calming presence I want in my home with my animals when I have to be out of town.” Jan B.