Pet Portraits and Gallery

All portraits are originals that are created with a marker/watercolor technique. Each unique piece reflects the essence of your pet. The portraits are created intuitively with the style and colors that are the most suitable.

Pet Soul Portraits can be of any type of animal: Cats, dogs, horses, llamas, turtles, rabbits and more . . . All that is needed is a good photograph. Please try and find images clearly showing the face and eyes.

"Lydia and Jango"








"Foxi Roxi"

"Baby and Yaz"





"Molly McGuire"




"Poncho Verde"

"Winston and Seamus"

Stellita, Louie and Tinkerbell

Stellita, Louie and Tinkerbell


Portraits cost $95.00 each
and are 14″ x 17″

For multi-pet households –
consider ordering 3 portraits at the same time for $275.00

Two pets within one portrait costs $180.00
Please contact me for pricing and availability of more than two pets in one portrait

Animal shelter portraits are also available!

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“Lucy has the gift of allowing her open heart to guide her hand while she paints. Fascinating that her email address contains the words “I trust it”, because that’s exactly what she does…she trusts what comes through. Her intuition guides her with the colors and feelings. I requested that she do a portrait of my two dogs who had died some years before. Lucy knew nothing about them other than that they were deceased. It was evident to me when I saw the finished painting that she had sensed exactly what I believe to be true, that one of them has returned to be with me again in a new body and the other has not. Lydia is solid, even breathing, in the portrait and Jango is very ethereal, and watchful from the other side. I love the colors and the free, loose style of the painting and am moved by Lucy’s work.”  Kathy M